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Car Loans – Clanton (AL)

When you’re considering a new or used car or truck, our Clanton, AL car lending companies and auto dealers will put you behind the wheel. We will find you the auto loan that fits you best. It typically takes less than 24 hours:

  • Post your AL auto loan application.
  • Send us accurate details you have.
  • Confirm your acceptance level.
  • Finish your paperwork and take home your new car, truck, or SUV.

Bad Credit Car Loans: Clanton, AL

In search of a bad credit car loan in Clanton, AL? You aren’t alone. According to our assessments, 5,390 of Clanton’s 17,968 inhabitants have got poor credit. Banking institutions and standard lending companies seldom approve car loans for people who have bad credit. Car dealerships and various car loan companies, in contrast, are more inclined to get you in the driver’s seat. Assuming you make your payments on time, a bad credit car loan is one of the best solutions to restore your credit.

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Used Car Loan Clanton AL

Our car dealers try to keep applicants from spending too much on a new Clanton car loan. That is because exceeding one’s budget worsens your potential for repossession. That’s bad for everybody. An average income in Clanton is $33,664 each and every year, or $2,805 every month. You should set aside 10% or less of your monthly income for your auto loan in Clanton. This means Clanton used car loan payments should be about $281.

Will you be offering a down payment? You ought to, particularly when the vehicle you want is brand new. New cars lose value very quickly. Having a down payment will help keep you from being underwater on your car loan. Even so, we do have dealers who can supply zero money down cars in Clanton, AL. If you choose to supply a payment in advance, 10-20% is the norm. If the vehicle costs $11,781, this is an advance payment of $1,178 to $2,356.

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Used cars are the right option for most buyers in Clanton.

Plenty of used cars in Clanton are sold by private owners. However, many dealerships in our network provide amazing used car deals in Clanton, AL. Plus, many of these come with extended auto warranties.

For anyone who is in need of dealerships who take bad credit in Clanton, AL, it’s possible that they will only be offering used cars and trucks.

In House Financing Car Lots Clanton, AL

A lot more buyers are financing cars through in house financing dealers in Clanton, often known as buy here pay here financing. This kind of financing has been becoming more and more popular as American fico scores decrease. Let us find you the AL bad credit car loans you need without going upside down.

Clanton Car Dealers and Auto Loan Providers

Budd's Auto Sales
  • Address: 315 7th St N
  • Zip Code: 35045
  • Phone: (205) 755-1436
  • URL:
Turn-A-Round Enterprises Inc
  • Address: 16067 Al Highway 22
  • Zip Code: 35045
  • Phone: (205) 755-7181
  • URL:
Clanton Golf Carts
  • Address: 601 7th Street North
  • Zip Code: 35045
  • Phone: (205) 755-7250
  • URL:
McKinnon Toyota
  • Address: 1710 7th St N
  • Zip Code: 35046
  • Phone: (205) 755-3430
  • URL:
Central Alabama Used Cars Inc
  • Address: 1855 County Road 55
  • Zip Code: 35046
  • Phone: (205) 280-5956
  • URL:
HWY 22 United Auto Sales
  • Address: 20368 Al Highway 22
  • Zip Code: 35045
  • Phone: (205) 755-2622
  • URL:
Josh's Used Cars
  • Address: 406 7th Street North
  • Zip Code: 35045
  • Phone: (205) 280-6644
  • URL:
Central Alabama Used Cars Inc
  • Address: 608 7th Street South
  • Zip Code: 35045
  • Phone: (205) 280-0424
  • URL: