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How To Save For Your First Car

When you’re looking to buy your first car, it can be a very daunting experience. But depending on where you live, it’s usually quite necessary because of where jobs are and where most people live are. If you’re going to get a new car, you’ll have a few things to consider and significant amount of […]

UAW Goes after Alabama’s Mercedes-Benz Plant

The United Auto Workers is one hungry parasite. Not sated by the meal of taxpayer funds it received five years back, the UAW has announced that it is to focus its proboscis on several auto factories located in a number of American southern states. One of its juiciest targets is a Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, […]

Tri-Rivers FCU Auto Loan Deals

Save money on your brand new car with Tri-Rivers Federal Credit Union latest auto loan deal. With an affordable interest rate of 3.20% APR, you can now buy a new or used car. They have a fast approval system and provides flexible modes of payments with no money down. Eligibility Requirements Tri-Rivers FCU has been […]

Wiregrass FCU Auto Loan Deals

If you’d like an auto loan but the thought of car payments makes you uneasy, remember that an attractive interest rate can significantly reduce your monthly payments. By offering rates as low as 2.99% APR, Wiregrass Federal Credit Union is allowing you to have an auto loan without the worry. Terms and Conditions All late […]