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UAW Goes after Alabama’s Mercedes-Benz Plant

The United Auto Workers is one hungry parasite. Not sated by the meal of taxpayer funds it received five years back, the UAW has announced that it is to focus its proboscis on several auto factories located in a number of American southern states. One of its juiciest targets is a Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Workers at the plant have already begun to receive unsolicited mailings from the UAW. Worst still is the fact that the UAW and the German union IG Metall have teamed up and opened an office near the Alabama plant. These, some say, are the fleas on the rats. 
UAW says on its website that its plan for Mercedes is to “create a dynamic and unique local union in Tuscaloosa that becomes a model for labor relations in the 21st Century.” While a direct translation of this message is not possible, in German it roughly reads as meaning, “using labor negotiation techniques from the 1920s, create a self-serving creature that will drink heavily from its host until it, the host, collapses flaccid and useless in the hot sun of the Alabama land.”