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Car Loans – Selma (AL)

We know that getting a car loan in Selma, AL is often an ordeal. We often get our applicants approved in under 60 minutes.

We have a very strong rate of success when it comes to client credit acceptance. We don’t tell our consumers that their acceptance is 100% assured. But we can inform you that we are able to get almost all our Selma shoppers the car loan that meets their needs.

Searching for a low credit score auto loan in Selma, AL? You aren’t alone. By our reports, 11,756 of Selma’s 39,188 inhabitants have less-than-perfect credit. Banking companies and traditional lending institutions seldom grant auto financing for people who have poor credit in Selma, in Alabama, or nationwide., since the only return they earn is through the interest rates paid on the loan. However, car dealers and auto lending companies are committed to to getting you into the new car or truck you need.

You don’t have to turn to a buy here pay here car dealer in Selma when we get you a lot more favorable terms.

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At Alabama Auto Loan, our dealerships and loan companies try and prevent consumers from spending past an acceptable limit when financing a vehicle in Selma, simply because it raises the likelihood of missing payments.

Selma residents get paid around $15,352 each and every year, or $1,279 every month. You should devote no more than 10% of this amount for your auto loan in Selma. This means Selma used car payments should be in the region of $128.

What about down payments? If you can put money down, do it. You can often find no money down car loans in Selma, AL, but money down is always a good option. Normally, dealers want down payments of 10 to 20%. For a $5,372 car, this is $537 to $1,074.

Minimizing Your Interest Rates

A variety of elements impact your APR. Examples include city, credit profile, repayment schedule, type of vehicle, and creditor.

Interest levels for used autos in Selma are less affordable. However, pre-owned vehicles are ordinarily a better deal. In fact, we recommend them for any shopper whose credit scores are less than 700.

How to Make Sure You Get Approved
  • Get your auto loan co-signed.
  • Finance for the shortest period of time you can.
  • Provide 20% cash upfront.
  • Apply online.

We cannot correctly calculate your interest rate without taking into account specific data, but you can get a rate quote by submitting your application online.

In House Financing Auto Loans: Selma (AL)

Looking for an in house financing car dealer in Selma, AL? The truth is, these dealerships demand expensive annual percentage rates.

Our dealers and lenders can get you a car loan in Selma, AL with:

  • Lower Rates of Interest
  • Cheaper Down Payments
  • Lower Payments

Dealerships and Auto Finance Companies in Selma, AL

Simmons' Used Cars
  • Address: 1010 Broad St
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 874-3723
  • URL:
Lee's Auto Sales
  • Address: 206 Us Highway 80 W
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 872-1611
  • URL:
Steve Lane's Truck & Auto Sales LLC
  • Address: 214 USHighway 80 East
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 875-8191
  • URL:
Roger's Auto Sales
  • Address: 100 USHighway 80 East
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 875-0640
  • URL:
Turner Chevrolet-Buick
  • Address: 1800 Al Highway 14 East
  • Zip Code: 36703
  • Phone: (334) 874-6631
  • URL:
Victor Nissan
  • Address: 2409 North Broad Street
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 872-2371
  • URL:
BAMA Motors
  • Address: 1119 Jeff Davis Avenue
  • Zip Code: 36703
  • Phone: (334) 875-7008
  • URL:
River City Motors
  • Address: 1121 Jeff Davis Avenue
  • Zip Code: 36703
  • Phone: (334) 872-8766
  • URL:
Mayton Gary Motors
  • Address: 616 Medical Center Parkway
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 872-2808
  • URL:
Moore-Stewart Ford
  • Address: 1406 West Highland Avenue
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 875-2330
  • URL:
Annex Lot Division of Victor Nissan
  • Address: 2801 Citizens Parkway
  • Zip Code: 36701
  • Phone: (334) 876-9990
  • URL:
H & H Motors
  • Address: 1305 Water Ave
  • Zip Code: 36759
  • Phone: (334) 875-7075
  • URL: