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Car Loans – Opelika (AL)

Many of us need an auto loan in Opelika, AL, to cover the costs of a car or truck, but given the economic crisis, not so many individuals are getting approved. Car loan companies and dealerships that finance bad credit in Opelika can be difficult to track down, especially if you have issues like:

  • Minimal Credit
  • Very Bad Credit
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Insolvency
  • Foreclosure
  • Loan Delinquency
  • Credit Card Debts

At Alabama Auto Loans, however, we have connections with a variety of lenders who work with borrowers with poor credit in Opelika and across the state. For those that need to get a lending company in Opelika, the only thing have to do is complete this easy secure application. It’s simple completely free.

Income and Credit Rating

  • Average Opelika Income: $17,510 Annually
  • Average AL Credit Rating: 676

For the highest odds of approval, you will want:

  • Salary Of More Than $18,000 Per Year Prior to Taxes
  • Not Less Than 12 Months At Present Company
  • Current Loan Payments No More Than 1/2 of Earnings

Earnings or fico score too low? No worries. You might still be able to qualify as long as you:

  • Provide Somebody to Co-sign
  • Trade in an Existing Car or Truck
  • Provide More Money Down
  • Opt for No Credit Check Auto Loans.

Car Loans with No Money Down: Opelika (AL)

Supplying money upfront is important. In fact, a lot of loan companies require that you do so. How muchwill do? The majority of loan companies will be content with an advance payment of 15-20%.

The second concern is your monthly payment. You don’t want to spend more than 18-20% of how much you make for your Alabama car loan. Here are a few figures for the typical Opelika car shopper.

Pay A Year

Income A Month


  • $17,510

  • $1,459

  • $263 to $292

Bad Credit Auto Loans: Opelika (AL)

Bad Credit Auto Loans AL
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Buying a car or truck when you have bad credit has never been so simple. In Opelika, Alabama, the typical consumer has a fico score of 676, which itself is ordinarily considered a non-prime score. That means a large number of men and women are looking for car loans with a bad credit score in Opelika, Alabama.

If you have less-than-perfect credit, Alabama Auto Loans works with companies who offer car loans with bad credit in Opelika, AL on a regular basis. Just click here to submit your application online.

Nearly all loan creditors require people who have poor credit to have a salary of $1500 per month, minimum, and not more than $750 per month in debt payments. This includes your new bad credit auto loan.

Auto Loans With Bankruptcy or Repossession: Opelika, AL

The economy has led to a rise in the prevalence of Alabama bankruptcies and home foreclosures. Are you afraid that you won’t be able to obtain auto financing with bankruptcy or repossession? No problem; we can help you find loan providers who grant bad credit car loans in Opelika, AL, even if you’ve struggled with:

  • Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13)
  • Repossession

Of course, the bank or investment company will expect you to pay a high interest rate and put at least 20% down.

Car Dealers That Offer In-House Financing: Opelika, AL

Auto Loans Alabama
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Want to purchase a car or truck in Opelika, AL without having your credit checked? Buy here pay here car lots may very well be the only choice.

When you go to a buy here pay here car dealership, often known as no credit check or in house financing car lots, the dealer won’t turn to off-site loan providers to approve financing. Basically, these dealerships offer in house auto loans to Alabama consumers with poor credit. Indeed, finding a tote the note car dealership in Opelika, AL might sound like the perfect plan.

Lamentably, you need to take into account some significant drawbacks. The APR rates and advance payments are substantial, and you won’t have much of a chance to rebuild your credit through this kind of an establishment.

You ought not get approved by a bad credit car dealer that you haven’t researched. If you can, talk to somebody who has purchased a car or truck from them in the past, and find out whether or not they would recommend them.

T R Motors
  • Address: 504 S 6th St
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 741-1000
  • URL:
Glynn Smith Jeep-Eagle
  • Address: 600 Columbus Pkwy
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 749-1454
  • URL:
Wilson Enterprises Inc
  • Address: 1214 Staley Avenue
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 741-8780
  • URL:
Bence & Morris Pontiac Buick GMC
  • Address: 1419 2nd Avenue
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 745-5713
  • URL:
Auburn Auto Sales
  • Address: 45 Samford Avenue
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 745-3335
  • URL:
Countryside Motors
  • Address: 4639 Al Highway 51
  • Zip Code: 36804
  • Phone: (334) 741-9700
  • URL:
Herring Automotive Inc
  • Address: 408 Clanton Street
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 705-0600
  • URL:
Knight Rides
  • Address: 101 North 11th Street
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 742-0755
  • URL:
Motormax of Auburn
  • Address: 621 Columbus Parkway
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 749-7991
  • URL:
Gentry & Ware Motor CO
  • Address: 3906 Pepperell Parkway
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 749-1286
  • URL:
Valu Zone
  • Address: 3600 Pepperell Parkway
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 745-7778
  • URL:
John Gunter Motors
  • Address: 2012 Marvyn Parkway
  • Zip Code: 36804
  • Phone: (334) 705-0463
  • URL:
Puckett Motors
  • Address: 300 South 7th Street
  • Zip Code: 36801
  • Phone: (334) 749-2090
  • URL:
  • Address: 2400 West Point Parkway
  • Zip Code: 36804
  • Phone: (334) 705-0084
  • URL: