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Interested in obtaining auto financing in Killen, AL with bad credit or no money down? No doubt, all lines of credit have been harder to come by, but there are lenders who really want auto finance candidates, and we can help you find them. Once you utilize our service, we will work hard to put you in touch with the best loan company, considering factors such as:

  • Where You Live
  • What Your Credit Score is
  • Your Salary
  • Your Down Payment

After you submit your application, we attempt to match you with the best Alabama car loan provider for your application details. Lastly, complete your car loan documentation and choose your car or truck from a nearby dealer.

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Getting Approved

The city’s average income on a monthly basis is $3,520, while the average credit rating is 676. Each car loan company has their own list of approval standards, and it’s rare for them to divulge these to the general public.

Generally, car loan companies will want you to earn a minimum of $1500 income a month. Also, your level of existing debt, including your auto loan, shouldn’t be more than 50% of your income. For people in Killen, AL, this rounds out to $1,760 (average). Earnings or credit score lacking? You should still meet the criteria by going above and beyond in one or more of these ways:

  • Get a Co-buyer
  • Trade in a Car or Truck
  • Furnish More Money Down
  • Go with Buy Here Pay Here Loans.

Cars with No Money Down in Killen (AL)

Putting money down might not be required, but it’s advised. In fact, a lot of finance companies will demand that you do so. Divide how much the vehicle you want costs by five. If you can come up with that much, it would be a stellar down payment, but you could probably get away with only 10%. We know several no money down car dealerships in Killen, Alabama.

An additional consideration is your installment payment. Never spend over 18 to 20% of your income for your Alabama auto loan. Let’s consider amounts for the typical Killen car shopper.

  • $42,245: Income (Yearly)
  • $3,520: Income (Monthly)
  • $634 to $704: Car Payment

Bad Credit Auto Loans: Killen, Alabama

At Alabama Auto Loan, a bad credit score is not a problem.

Nobody wants to have their credit rejected. We may be able to help.

Auto Loan Alabama
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Many loan creditors require people who have a bad credit score to have a regular income of $1500 monthly, at minimum, and only $750 per month in debt payments (inclusive of your car loan).

Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships in Killen, AL

Nearly all AL buy here pay here dealerships let you buy a car or truck with no credit check. Unfortunately, this reduces your ability to improve your credit score.

These car lots are often recognized as: Tote the Note, Your Job is Your Credit, or in house financing car lots in Killen, AL.

Such Alabama Auto Loans will often be offered with no credit check. Regrettably, there are a few major downsides:

  • Expensive Interest Rates
  • Predatory Financing Tactics
  • Substantial Down Payments
  • High Mileage Used Cars
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You shouldn’t visit an in house financing car dealer you have not yet checked out. When possible, speak with a friend or relative who has obtained a vehicle from them before, and learn whether or not they had a good experience.

Thigpen Motors
  • Address: 8171 Highway 72
  • Zip Code: 35645
  • Phone: (256) 757-1970
  • URL:
Shaddix Wholesale Auto
  • Address: 2364 Highway 72
  • Zip Code: 35645
  • Phone: (256) 757-0450
  • URL:
Fred Lolley Imports
  • Address: 311 Highway 72
  • Zip Code: 35645
  • Phone: (256) 757-7788
  • URL:
B & B Auto Sales
  • Address: 1807 Highway 72
  • Zip Code: 35660
  • Phone: (256) 757-0262
  • URL: