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Car Loans – Jacksonville (AL)

Alabama Auto Loan lines up auto loans in Jacksonville, AL, for folks in all credit and income tiers.

And we will let you know that we have Jacksonville auto lenders who want your business as we speak.

Good credit may be terrific. Unfortunately, it is uncommon to find an applicant whose credit file is 100% unencumbered with problems.

Alabama Auto Loan is especially beneficial for anybody who needs a bad credit car loan in Jacksonville, AL, as Alabama Auto Loan’s lenders can approve bad credit. Don’t resort to a no credit check dealer in Jacksonville when we get you better interest rates.

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If you need to finance a car with poor credit, you have to know exactly how much you can spend. An average income among Jacksonville residents is $29,541 per year, or $2,462 per month. Make sure you commit 10% or less of this amount for any used auto loan in Jacksonville. Therefore Jacksonville used car payments should be in the region of $246.

Zero Down Payment Cars in Jacksonville, AL

Are you planning on providing a down payment? You ought to, especially if you’re planning to purchase a new vehicle. New cars and trucks depreciate in value on a daily basis. Placing money down will lessen your loan amount, which means that you ultimately pay less in finance charges. Nevertheless, Alabama Auto Loan has lenders that offer no down payment auto loans in Jacksonville, AL. For applicants who can provide a down payment, 10-20% is the norm. If your vehicle is priced at $10,340, this is an advance payment of $1,034 to $2,068.

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Vehicle Loan Rates in Jacksonville, AL

Putting money down is a good suggestion, but there are more things that will lower your rates.

Have you got a sibling or parent who can co-sign your auto loan? If so, this could minimize your annual percentage rates greatly, if the individual has good credit. Don’t forget that a co-signer will be legally obligated to pay off your loan if the borrower begins missing payments.

To obtain a solid estimation of the interest rate you’ll be quoted, please be sure to request a quote online!

No Credit Check Auto Financing in Jacksonville (AL)

The following kinds of auto dealers often offer auto financing in Jacksonville, no credit check required:

  • Buy here pay here dealerships in Jacksonville
  • Tote the note dealerships in Jacksonville
  • Your job is your credit dealerships in Jacksonville

The dealers with whom we’ve partnered conduct credit checks. However, they work with bad credit in Jacksonville, AL.

When you apply for your Jacksonville AL car loan with us, you can increase your credit ratings. After all, our dealerships and loan providers report to the credit bureaus.

Dealers and Auto Loan Lenders in Jacksonville, AL

Miles Frank Auto Sales
  • Address: 1510 Pelham Rd S
  • Zip Code: 36265
  • Phone: (256) 435-7800
  • URL:
JB Auto Sales
  • Address: 900 Pelham Road South
  • Zip Code: 36265
  • Phone: (256) 435-2483
  • URL: