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We connect car shoppers who need auto loans in Greensboro, AL with loan companies that provide web-based approvals. You can complete the application in less than 5 minutes to finish. We boast some of the best rates of approval in Alabama.

There are 7,854 residents of Greensboro, and approximately 2,356 of these have credit ratings that are less than ideal or worse.

AL Auto Loans is especially good for any shopper who needs a bad credit auto loan in Greensboro, AL, because we take the hard work out of the equation. With regards to used car loans in Greensboro for people who have a low credit score, we get you the credit you’re looking for at a rate you can afford.

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Financing Suggestions: Greensboro

How much should you afford?

Auto loans make any car or truck appear more affordable, as they break up the price into regular installments. Of course, this can lead to spending too much money. Approximately 10% of a person’s monthly income should be invested in their car loan. Greensboro car buyers make around $22,970 per year. Here’s a quick analysis of how much the average Greensboro resident should be spending:

Income A Year

Earnings Each Month


Vehicle Amount

  • $22,970

  • $1,914

  • $191

  • $8,039

What about down payments? If you have the cash for a down payment, congrats. You can make an application for zero down car and truck loans in Greensboro, AL, but putting money down will increase the chances of approval. In general, down payments are 10 to 20%. For a $8,039 car, this is $804 to $1,608.

Car Loan Rates in Greensboro, AL

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Many variables influence your APR, such as:

  • Credit Ratings
  • Where You Live
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Loan Company
  • Amount Financed
  • Payment Schedule

If your credit ratings are subprime, a cosigner will bring down your rates of interest greatly, provided that they have good credit. Don’t forget that a co-signer will have to repay your loan if you fail to.

It isn’t possible to accurately quote your rate of interest without incorporating specific information, for example your credit ratings, local zip code, and other factors. That said, you can secure an estimate by submitting your application online.

Car Loans Greensboro AL

Surprisingly, unfavorable credit ratings doesn’t mean the only option is a car loan without any credit check. Our car dealerships require credit checks. However, they work with bad credit in Greensboro.

If you want to bolster your credit scores, you really should opt for an auto loan with AL Auto Loans. Cars financed with no credit check will not restore your credit score.

Greensboro Car Dealers and Auto Credit Companies

Arnold's Auto Center
  • Address: 206 State St
  • Zip Code: 36744
  • Phone: (334) 624-4803
  • URL: