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Car Loans – Fultondale (AL)

We secure auto loans in Fultondale, AL, for car shoppers with almost any credit score, from excellent to poor.

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Buying a Car with Bad Credit in Fultondale (AL)

Car Loans Fultondale AL

Of Fultondale’s 5,773 consumers, 1,732 are believed to possess below-average credit. Fortunately, our lenders are looking at your ability to pay rather than your history of credit. Have you got a stable job? Then we’ll typically manage to find you an auto loan for bad credit in Fultondale, AL, regardless of your credit. Fultondale buy here pay here car lots usually aren’t the answer. We get you much cheaper APR rates.

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Car Loans Fultondale AL

Our dealerships and loan providers are afraid of applicants paying too much money for any Fultondale auto loan, since it raises the chance of repossession. Far too many applicants spend too much when it comes to their Fultondale AL auto loans, bad credit notwithstanding. Industry experts say you shouldn’t commit more than 10% of your income for a car loan.

Fultondale, AL applicants get paid around $37,466 each and every year. Here is a brief assessment of the average Fultondale consumer’s auto financing budget:

Earnings Per Annum

Income A Month


Auto Price

  • $37,466

  • $3,122

  • $312

  • $13,112

Try and pay down your loan within no more than 60 months, especially if you have bad credit.

Minimizing Your Interest Rates

Many elements impact your APR, such as:

  • Credit Ratings
  • Region
  • Make/Model of Vehicle
  • Loan Company
  • Size of Loan
  • Repayment Terms

If your FICO scores are bad, a cosigner will decrease your car loan rates significantly. But keep in mind that a co-signer will be legally obligated to pay back the loan if you don’t.

You’ll want to finance for no more than than 6 years.

Repaying your loan faster will translate to a less costly cost of ownership.

No Credit Check Auto Financing: Fultondale (AL)

No credit check car loans in Fultondale will often be a bad decision for people who’ve got a bad credit report.

We can place your application with car dealerships in Fultondale that approve bad credit but don’t have the issues associated with Fultondale buy here pay here and in house financing auto dealers. When you use our service, you can bolster your fico scores, since our dealers and auto finance companies report to the credit reporting agencies.

Dealerships and Auto Loan Companies in Fultondale, AL

Captain Kirk Auto Sales
  • Address: 2105 Decatur Hwy
  • Zip Code: 35068
  • Phone: (205) 841-0008
  • URL:
Doug Reid Autoplex Inc
  • Address: 1515 Decatur Hwy
  • Zip Code: 35068
  • Phone: (205) 841-1919
  • URL: