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Car Loans – Cordova (AL)

Need a car loan? Cordova car shoppers are increasingly coming to us to get them in the driver’s seat. We want to find you the car loan you want. It’s simple:

  1. Apply today.
  2. Select the car you want.
  3. Finaliz your loan documentation.

Bad Credit, Need Car in Cordova, AL

Need a bad credit car loan in Cordova, AL? Fear not. According to our approximations, 1,861 of Cordova’s 6,202 residents have got a low credit score. However, when you apply for financing through us, your past credit is just that: past. And remember, this is is a good way for you to rebuild your credit.

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Next let’s take a look at your budget. Residents of Cordova make almost $23,064 per annum, which is $1,922 per month. It is best to allocate roughly 10% of your monthly income for your car loan in Cordova, AL. That means Cordova used car loan payments ought to be in the region of $192.

No down payment cars are often available, but offering up a down payment will maximize the chances of acceptance. Down payments are typically 10 to 20%. For a $8,072 car or truck, this is $807 to $1,614.

Auto Finance Rates in Cordova, AL

Want your interest rate to be as low as possible? Sure you do!

Can you find a good friend or relative who would cosign your car loan? A cosigner could lower your rates of interest a good bit, so long as the individual has a good credit record. Don’t forget that a cosigner will be legally obligated to pay off the loan if you can’t.

It’s utterly imperative that your cosigner recognize that they will be legally obligated take care of the loan if ever you become delinquent.

In House Financing Auto Loans: Cordova (AL)

You may be able to get financed by one of Cordova’s in house financing car dealers with no credit check. The thing is, it’s common knowledge that these dealerships have a number of disadvantages:

  • Sizeable Down Payments
  • Rate: Expensive
  • Frequent Payments

Our car dealers will find you an auto loan in Cordova, AL without going under water.

Car Dealerships and Auto Loan Providers in Cordova (AL)

Riverside Motors
  • Address: 8114 Highway 78
  • Zip Code: 35550
  • Phone: (205) 648-7557
  • URL:
J B Motors Sales
  • Address: 10518 Highway 78 East
  • Zip Code: 35550
  • Phone: (205) 483-4849
  • URL: